Ten years ADC Gallery: Frank Bodin invites to anniversary vernissage

On Thursday, the ADC Gallery is ten years old. Celebrate from 18.30 clock at Zentralstrasse 18, the exhibition shows the Essentials of the Essentials. Seven in number. Who wants to know more, should go there.

Ten years of creative debate at the ADC Gallery: Frank Bodin in front of one of his large-format Essentials.

On September 1, 2012, the ADC Gallery was launched. At that time, Frank Bodin as president presented 100 Essentials in picture format, which were available hanging on the walls for 100 francs. The rest is history. Since its founding, the gallery has been a place for creative encounters, discussions and, not least, artistic debate. On the ADC website, there are still 16 designations of what the gallery has functioned as for ten years: As a bar/lounge, seminar room, club, training room, bistro, cultural center, concert location, advertiser's meeting place, ideas room, church of creativity and shooting location.

It is celebrated

Founding father Frank Bodin is still emotionally closely interwoven with ADC and also the gallery. Now the anniversary is being celebrated. Since reduction to the essentials does not stop at art, Bodin is now - ten years later - exhibiting not 100, but only seven Essentials. Reduce to the max.

If you're in the mood for creative exchange, Bodin-style wisdom, art and a glass of wine, make the detour to Zentralstrasse 18 on Thursday and drop by the ADC Gallery.

Vernissage ADC Gallery, Thursday 1 September, Zentralstrasse 18, from 6.30 p.m.

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