Commission of the Council of States does not want to restrict paper advertising mailings

Unaddressed paper advertising mail is not to be restricted. The relevant committee of the Council of States rejects a motion from the National Council calling for a system change to stem the flood of paper in mailboxes.

The motion by Katja Christ (GLP/BS) calls for a change in the system: instead of consumers putting a "Stop advertising" sticker on their mailboxes to indicate that they do not want unaddressed mail, they should put a sticker on their mailboxes to indicate that they expressly want junk mail.

According to Christ, this is intended to avoid unnecessary paper waste. The Commission for Transport and Telecommunications of the Council of States (KVF-S), however, does not think this way, as the parliamentary services announced on Tuesday. It proposes to the Council with 8 to one vote and one abstention a no to the motion.

The "system change in the right to express one's will" does not bring any added value in the eyes of the commission majority. It would make it difficult for associations to reach the people in their village. It would be better to start directly with the advertising companies when it comes to avoiding waste.

The National Council adopted the motion in the spring session by 96 votes to 85, with six abstentions. The Federal Council moved a no vote on it. (sda.)

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