Retouched advertising must now be labeled in Norway

Influencers and other advertisers in Norway must from now on explicitly mark when the appearance of people in advertisements has been changed. A corresponding change in the law came into force in the Scandinavian country on Friday.


Accordingly, retouched and otherwise manipulated appearances in paid advertisements must be marked with a circular uniform notice. This includes body shape, size and skin, for example changes in facial shape, broader shoulders and narrower hips.

The measure is intended to help make consumers aware that people are not always shown in advertising as they look in reality. Ultimately, the aim is to portray less idealized bodies in advertising and thus protect younger people in particular. "At last we are getting a powerful measure against unhealthy body pressure to which children and young people in particular are exposed," said Norwegian Minister for Children and Families Kjersti Toppe.

The labeling obligation applies to all traditional and social media and expressly also to influencers and other people who post advertising online on the Internet and in social media. Those who do not comply will face a fine. The notice should account for around seven percent of the image area and be placed in a clearly visible position in the upper left-hand corner of the advertisement. Both those who have created the advertisement and the advertisers who want to earn money with it can be held responsible. (SDA)

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