IAB Switzerland: More members, new initiatives, DEX22 Conference

At the General Assembly of IAB Switzerland at Razzia Zurich, Martin Radelfinger was re-elected as President, Roger Bauer and Christian Hermle as Board Members, and the Advisory Board Members Siri Fischer, Catherine Purgly, Roland Ehrler and Gregor Doser were re-elected. The General Meeting also approved all other proposals of the Board.

IAB Switzerland

After two years of virtual meetings, the association once again held this year's General Assembly physically at the Restaurant Razzia in Zurich, which all those present considered extremely positive.

The impact of the pandemic on association revenues was somewhat less positive last year. This was explicitly evident in the area of the IAB Academy, whose revenues fell again compared to the previous year. Likewise, no events could be held in the first half of the year. However, thanks to rigid cost control and a reduction in the number of staff at the office, some of which had already been implemented in the previous year, the IAB was once again able to report a positive result.

It is also positive to note that the association was again able to increase the number of members compared to the same period of the previous year. The sold-out DEX LIVE conference held in November 2021 also contributed to the positive result.

More presence, expansion in the area of events and training

At the General Assembly, Managing Director Urs Flückiger outlined the planned measures for 2022, some of which have already been initiated. The association wants to be much more present this year and is striving for a substantial expansion in the areas of events and training as well as in the working groups.

President, Executive Board and Advisory Board re-elected

Elections were again on the agenda of the General Meeting. Martin Radelfinger (Goldbach Group) was unanimously re-elected as Chairman, Roger Bauer (Ringier Advertising) and Christian Hermle (Amag Import) as Board members, and Advisory Board members Siri Fischer (IGEM), Catherine Purgly (LSA), Roland Ehrler (SWA/ASW) and Gregor Doser (Google) were each re-elected for a period of two years. The General Meeting also approved all other proposals of the Board and granted it discharge.

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