Digital Ad Trust looks back on successful first year

The Digital Ad Trust Switzerland (DAT) association is committed to greater transparency in digital advertising and carries out corresponding certifications of publishers. On the occasion of its first anniversary, the association looks back.

The Digital Ad Trust Switzerland (DAT) association was founded on February 3, 2021 by IAB Switzerland Association, Leading Swiss Agencies, and the Swiss Advertising Contractors Association. The new association is primarily committed to greater transparency in digital advertising. The focus is on certification, education and training, especially in the areas of ad fraud, brand safety, visibility, user experience (UX) and other challenges in the digital market in Switzerland.

A central element of the association is the certification of publishers in the areas of brand safety, ad fraud, viewability, and user experience. These certifications were already very successful in the first year, and by the end of 2021 the following publishers and marketers - and thus already a large part of the Swiss market - had been certified, namely 20 Minuten Advertising, Audienzz, Goldbach Audience, Ringier Advertising, Teads, and Watson.

One publisher lost certification

However, one publisher had to be stripped of its certification during the term of the certification because the 6-month check could not be successfully passed for one of the publisher's websites.

DAT is looking forward to certifying more publishers this year and also to re-certifying publishers that have already been certified.

In addition, DAT has published regular quarterly reports, thus creating a benchmark comparison for the Swiss market for the first time. Furthermore, a study on brand safety in the Swiss market was prepared and published in cooperation with Zulu5.

With the foundation and the various communication measures, it has already been possible to build up considerable awareness for DAT among advertisers, agencies and publishers. This must now be further increased, especially the demand for certified publishers by agencies and advertisers. A seamless continuation of all activities and even stricter certifications are planned for 2022.

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