"I'm looking forward to getting started".

After thirteen years, Karin Lang is returning to Wirz as Managing Director. We asked her about her plans.

advertisingweek.com: After 13 years in various positions - both on the service provider and client side - you return to the Wirz Group as Managing Director. This is where "your career in the agency world began". Does that feel a bit like "coming home"?

Karin Lang: Yes, you could say that. My career started a bit earlier, but being back at Wirz after 13 years feels right. Wirz has remained true to itself over all these years and, as the largest owner-managed creative agency, it's a place you love to return to.

You are the first Managing Director of the Wirz Group; the position was newly created as part of an internal restructuring. What exactly will be the focus of your work?

The focus is clearly on expanding interdisciplinary customer management so that we can align ourselves even more closely with their needs. Furthermore, it is important to establish a general consulting attitude and working method across the entire Wirz Group in order to enable unrestricted cooperation both internally and externally.

In the future, Wirz would like to increasingly solve "not only communication problems, but business problems". Is the group setting out on this path to compete with "classic" management consultancies?

In contrast to classic management consulting, we solve business problems with the power of creativity. We think and work open-ended and search until we find the real problem. The solution to the problem varies and can be a classic campaign, but also a new product.

Where do you see the biggest challenges you will face in your first year?

That I don't lose focus and the view through the employee, customer and agency glasses.

And what are you most looking forward to?

To get started and to see the first results.

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