TheAgency designs appearance of SwissGeoPower

TheAgency designs the appearance of the geothermal start-up SwissGeoPower, which wants to make the inexhaustible energy sources of the future economically and sustainably usable by means of geothermal energy.

Currently, alternative energy sources, which promise independence and have enormous future potential, are more in demand than ever: With the new drilling method "Zeus", which works practically without wear, SwissGeoPower wants to penetrate economically into depths of up to 10km in the foreseeable future. The geothermal energy available there has sufficient potential, together with decentralized, small geothermal power plants, to ensure the power supply of the future practically everywhere. Unlike conventional geothermal methods, this will be done without fracking, i.e. without earthquakes as a negative side effect.

SwissGeoPower is thus positioned in an interesting technological way. There is currently a close cooperation with renowned partners, such as the Amberg Group, or Basler & Hoffmann. For the future development steps, further investors and cooperations are now crucial.

TheAgency, formerly the new agency, realized the web presence, the corporate design, trade fair appearances and other measures for the startup 100 percent in-house.

Responsible at SwissGeoPower AG: Jon Mengiardi (overall responsibility). Responsible at TheAgency: Alfredo Briccola (Creative Direction, Web Design, Coding, Photography and Graphic Design)

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