Posters are the most widely accepted medium in Switzerland according to a study

The association AWS Aussenwerbung Schweiz commissioned the market research institute Link to conduct a study on the acceptance and relevance of outdoor advertising. The results are encouraging from the point of view of the Swiss OOH market: the poster medium is judged to be the "most likeable" medium compared with newspapers/magazines, television, or cinema.

Studie zufolgeIn view of the steadily growing advertising revenues in electronic media, the association AWS Aussenwerbung Schweiz asked itself how high the acceptance of various competing media is compared to outdoor advertising.

To get to the bottom of this question, a study was commissioned from the Link market research institute. This study was used to find out which advertising media are perceived as particularly appealing or annoying and what value is attached to poster advertising by SMEs. In view of the fact that billboard advertising is to be banned in the city of Geneva, attitudes toward bans on billboard advertising were also surveyed.

Advertising sympathy high at OOH

According to the study, while advertising on billboards was rated as likable by 72 percent of respondents, advertising on websites or in apps and advertising on social media achieved only 23 and 22 percent likability, respectively.

Billboard advertising perceived as least annoying

In addition, according to the study, billboard advertising is found to be the least annoying by 82 percent. Advertising on websites or in apps, on the other hand, is considered "very annoying" by more than half of respondents. 68 percent of respondents consider advertising on TV or via mailers to be "annoying" or even "very annoying."

Value of billboard advertising for SMEs

In general, regional billboard advertising is seen as very positive. The statement "I think it's good when regional companies/SMEs draw the public's attention to themselves with billboard advertising" was most frequently found to be true, at 76 percent.

Majority is against billboard ban

According to the respondents, a ban on billboard advertising is out of the question: at 63 percent, a clear majority considers it "not good at all" or "not good" if billboard advertising were to be banned.

Study shows good state of outdoor advertising

The new edition on the assessment of advertising media confirms the high likability and acceptance values of out-of-home advertising from studies conducted in recent years. According to the study authors, the "value of billboard advertising" in connection with advertising activities by SMEs, which was surveyed for the first time, also shows the high appeal of the Out of Home advertising channel among the general population.

The answers to the question on billboard bans would also support the previous thesis: The population appreciates the revitalization of public space through outdoor advertising and clearly opposes a poster advertising ban.

The AWS surveys the value of Out of Home in regular studies. The online survey is conducted in this form approximately every four years and was currently conducted by Link in the period from January 5 to 10, 2022 with a total of 1013 people aged 15-79 (D-CH 759 / W-CH 254).

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