Agency at the airport creates new web presence for German real estate developer

The St. Gallen agency at the airport brings the German real estate company Wohninvest fresh and attractive to the web.

Projekt Bauart WohnInvest GmbH from Forchheim in Germany wants to position itself as a company for attractive and affordable housing. From the initial idea, through planning and construction, to the management of the finished buildings, the real estate developer takes care of everything. For this, customers of Projekt Bauart Wohninvest can benefit from the specially developed, standardized and yet flexible procedure. In order to illustrate this process on the website as well, Agentur am Flughafen was commissioned to develop a new website that does justice to the dynamics and progress of the real estate developer.

Responsible at project Bauart Wohninvest: Marcus Thiele (Managing Director), Melina Martin (Project Manager - Marketing/Sales). Responsible at agency at airport: René Eugster (overall responsibility), Dominique Rutishauser (creative direction), Katharina Eugster (interactive media design, programming), Miriam Egli (consulting).


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