Children and Youth Commission for Yes to Tobacco Advertising Ban Initiative

The Commission for Children and Youth Issues (EKKJ) recommends a "Yes" to the tobacco advertising ban initiative. In their view, it is logical that products which may not be sold to minors due to their harmfulness to health should also not be advertised.

In Switzerland, almost 24 percent of 17-year-olds already smoke regularly, the Commission for Children and Youth Affairs (EKKJ) wrote in a statement Monday. However, those who do not smoke until they reach the age of majority are very unlikely to ever start. For this reason, prevention measures against tobacco consumption are aimed at ensuring that people do not start smoking in the first place.

The tobacco companies, on the other hand, would specifically target children and adolescents with their advertising, the commission writes. For this reason, any advertising for tobacco products that can reach minors must be banned.

On February 13, the electorate will vote on the tobacco ban initiative. The initiative calls for a ban on tobacco advertising wherever children and young people can see it, for example in the press and on posters, at points of sale such as kiosks, at wholesalers and gas station stores, at events such as festivals, and on products such as bathing balls and sun umbrellas.

Regardless of the outcome of the vote, a new Tobacco Products Act will come into force. This means that advertising for tobacco products and electronic cigarettes will be banned on posters and in cinemas throughout Switzerland in the future. Tobacco companies will also no longer be allowed to give away free cigarettes or sponsor international events in Switzerland. For the initiators, however, this does not go far enough. (SDA)

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