Lürzer's Archive: Two works by Ruf Lanz in the current issue

The Zurich agency Ruf Lanz makes it into the current edition of the renowned international "Lürzer's Archive" with two campaigns.

Published every two months "Lürzer's Archive" the most creative works of the international advertising world. The magazine is published in 68 countries. Two campaigns by Ruf Lanz made it into the selection for the latest issue "Issue 5+6 2021".

One of them is the ongoing campaign for Autismus Forum Schweiz. It shows with a careful inversion that people with autism find it difficult to contact the outside world. For this, matryoshkas were painted on the inside.

The second is the current campaign for Welti-Furrer Fine Art Transport, launched in front of the international art world during Art Basel 2021. The campaign celebrates artful emptiness and uses iconic rooms from different eras to show what it looks like when the specialists from Welti-Furrer were there. First and foremost, Vincent van Gogh's famous bedroom in Arles.

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