Markus Bucheli and Borja Marin Abarquero new on the IAA Board of Directors

On Friday, members and guests of the International Advertising Association IAA met for Trendtalk in Zurich. At the preceding AGM, Markus Bucheli and Borja Marin Abarquero were elected to the IAA board.

IAA International Advertising
New to the IAA Board: Markus Bucheli of Helvetia and Borja Marin of JTI.

Before the big annual meeting with advertising clients, agency and media representatives, the 58th General Assembly of the IAA took place. Markus Bucheli, Head of Marketing & Communications at Helvetia, and Borja Marin Abarquero, Marketing Director at JTI, were newly elected to the board of the IAA Swiss Chapter. The IAA board has thus been expanded by two successful and committed marketers, the IAA announced in a statement on Monday.

"As a tripartite, the IAA brings together personalities from senior positions in business, media and advertising. It is important to us that the composition of our board reflects our membership structure. With the election of our long-standing members Markus Bucheli and Borja Marin Abarquero, the advertising client side of the IAA board will be further strengthened," Chantal Landis, managing director of the IAA, is quoted as saying in the statement.

Board members Arne Bergmann (Sales Director, Nathalie Diethelm (CEO Havas), Markus Ehrle (CEO APG), Michi Frank (CEO Goldbach), Silvana Imperiali (Deputy Managing Director Gamned!), Matthias Kiess (CEO TBWA), Sven Roost (CEO Infeas), Natasja Sommer-Feldbrugge (Public Affairs Manager The Coca-Cola Company) and Christoph Timm (CMO Swisscom) were unanimously confirmed for the next two years. IAA President Andreas Widmer (Co-Founder Westhive) was also elected as President for another two years.

The keynote speaker at this year's IAA Trendtalk: Florian Astor.

Astor: "Routine is death to the brain".

At the following IAA Trendtalk, entrepreneur and startup founder Florian Astor showed why startup spirit is not a question of coolness, but a question of attitude. What it takes to achieve this attitude - and how flexible and agile working works.

"They are springing up like mushrooms: cool, agile startups that produce new ideas and innovations at breathtaking speed. With their 'just do it' mentality, they are attacking established companies. It's no wonder that they are now doing a lot to bring this startup spirit into the company," says Astor.

After Astor's talk, the IAA invited its guests to an extensive networking brunch among industry colleagues.

The IAA Trendtalk 2021 (Image: zVg.)

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