Ruf Lanz for the ZHAW: Students as ambassadors reachable by cell phone

In Ruf Lanz's current campaign for the ZHAW School of Engineering, Ruf Lanz has the students themselves solicit young engineers - including their cell phone numbers.

The task of Ruf Lanz, the agency commissioned with the project, was to draw the attention of talented young people to the engineering program and the information days at the ZHAW. In the campaign, Ruf Lanz has the ZHAW students themselves solicit young talent. Says Creative Director Markus Ruf: "In the course of our collaboration, we were struck by the spirit and fire of the students."

Eva Tschampa, Head of Marketing and Communications, adds: "They are therefore the most convincing ambassadors for the ZHAW. And for the target group of almost the same age, they are more tangible than official university representatives."

Four ZHAW students were selected for the first wave in an extensive casting process: Manuel, who is studying renewable energy. Fabienne, who combines a job and part-time studies. Sandro, who is working on the future of aviation. And Céline, who is researching the future of mobility. These four invite anyone interested to contact them directly. Their cell phone number is prominently displayed on each advertising medium. In this way, young talents learn first-hand why studying engineering at the ZHAW is worthwhile, authentically and without an advertising filter. In addition, the four students will be present at the information days at the ZHAW and can be questioned further there.

Accompanying statements on social media

The campaign will be rolled out widely from October 11. OOH posters in F12 and F200 format, megaposters at Zurich main station, rail posters, hanging boxes, A3 posters and postcards in vocational schools and high schools, advertisements in various titles, and video statements on social media (Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube) will be used.

The ZHAW School of Engineering in Winterthur is one of Switzerland's major technical education and research institutions. It offers engineering education and is active in research and development in future-relevant areas such as energy, mobility, health and information.

Responsible at the ZHAW School of Engineering: Eva Tschampa (Head of Marketing and Communication), Ji-Yeun Suter (Marketing Manager), Prof. Dr. Thomas Järmann (Head of Teaching). Responsible at Ruf Lanz: Markus Ruf (Creative Direction), Catherine Martin (Art Direction), Armin Arnold (DTP), Sylvia Kohler, Miro Poffa, Stefan Schmid (Consulting). External partners: Ladina Bischof (Photography & Image Editing).

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