12 chosen ones promote skilled trades at SBB

In early summer, SBB, in cooperation with 20 Minuten, called for a Craft Challenge. More than 200 wanted to take part. Now the 12 chosen ones competed against each other. And they did a great job of promoting the skilled trades at SBB.

SBB Handicraft Challenge Team "Security and Systems Technician

The call for the largest craft challenge in Switzerland already met with great interest. Around 200 passionate craftsmen and women signed up and wanted to prove their talent. In a selection round, 12 candidates qualified to compete in six episodes of a reality online format. Farner Consulting came up with the idea together with SBB's HR Marketing department, which wanted to use the challenge to shine a spotlight on the countless, exciting and, not least, system-relevant craft activities within the company.

Challenges in six professional fields
The challenges and tasks that the 12 finalists had to master were full of surprises. Accompanied by a camera team, a moderator and SBB experts, they had to master the supreme discipline of welding, maneuver vehicles weighing tons with millimeter precision, work with state-of-the-art technologies in wind and weather - and much more. The resulting episodes on the occupational fields offer excitement and entertainment, and the participants are particularly convincing - even if not everything always goes perfectly - because of their enthusiasm. The six episodes of the SBB Handwerk*innen-Challenge have been available on the 20 Minuten and SBB channels since the end of August.

Successful social media campaign
The Handerwerker Challenge was promoted with trailers and a granular social media campaign. And it met with a great response. Around 300,000 page views were registered on 20 minutes alone. The six episodes achieved an average of around 30,000 hits during their 72-hour runtime - a value far above the 20 Minuten benchmark. In terms of dwell time and CTA clicks, the SBB Handwerker*innen Challenge also performed well above the usual benchmarks.

Links to the other five episodes:

Responsible at SBB: Corinne Kuhn, Marisa Columberg, Philippe Hasler, Barbara Rheder, Oliver Perren, Nicole Kammerer, Erika Ingold. Responsible at Farner: Philipp Skrabal, Jill-Nadine Reuvener, Jonas Brändli, Gian Marco Juon, Ennio Cadau, Martin Fuchs, Bruce Roberts, Mathias Kröbl, Flavio Dal Din, Nicolas Glauser. Responsible for breath collective: Mirjam Fröhlich & Lukas Fröhlich (director), Lukas Fröhlich and Sebastian Klinger (DOP), Jonathan C. Meier (music), Unsere Farben (colorist). In charge at 20 minutes: Severin Schenk

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