Three trends in online advertising: what will be compelling in 2022

There are almost no limits to the creativity of companies in online advertising. But which trends will be coming our way in 2022, and which ads will be able to convince? Daniel Hipke, CEO of CTR Accelerator, knows the trends and hypes around online advertising and knows which ads can convince now.

Recent years have shown that data protection for Internet users is becoming increasingly important. New regulations and laws are intended to ensure that the data generated on the Internet is handled confidentially and carefully. The explicit consent to the use of cookies on a website is now a habit for almost everyone, and Apple also took a big step towards tightening the data protection of its users with the iOS 14 software update. Here, every user must separately agree to the so-called tracking opt-in when using an app, so that this app can generate and store data. This consent or refusal also affects the aspect of whether the app is allowed to forward data to Facebook, which is then used for individual advertising purposes.

The social awareness of personal data protection is increasing and has a direct influence on the possibilities of online advertising. Because due to all these new regulations, the target groups for advertisers will be recorded more and more broadly in the future. Data protection makes it more difficult to place target group-specific ads on Facebook, and re-targeting will also become significantly more difficult as a result.

Advertising must inspire

As a result of this aspect, the advertisements themselves will be enormously important in 2022. Because the target group is becoming increasingly broader and larger, it must be addressed ever more precisely and specifically. In the future, the advertisements must arouse interest right at the beginning, the message must be communicated clearly and unambiguously so that users can be convinced by the advertisement.

One trend that will become increasingly apparent in the coming year is creative advertisements. If the focus in the conception and creation of advertisements is on creativity, various possibilities and opportunities arise for companies. By using stylistic devices such as a pattern interrupt, humor, or an appealing thumbnail, ads can stand out. Online users receive countless advertisements every day, only if the ad can show something special, it will be able to keep the attention of the user.

The last months and years have already shown that in the field of online advertising, technical aspects have become less and less important, while the ad itself and its design have become increasingly important. So now, in 2022, companies must also focus on their ads, integrate creative stylistic devices and ensure that they can reach and hold the viewer's attention in this way.

Trust through authentic content

Online advertising will also face new challenges in the coming year. In the future, it will become increasingly important and difficult to gain the trust of consumers. Too many products and providers of varying seriousness ensure that customers and interested parties have less and less trust in the promises of online advertising and in the products and companies themselves.

To counteract this in advertising, advertisers should focus more on building and maintaining trust in the future. This trust building can be achieved by integrating quality content within the marketing strategy.

If companies can use shorter, entertaining videos on social media to bring their products closer to consumers while explaining and educating them, it will have a positive impact on prospect trust.

At the same time, the trend is also to rely more and more on user-generated content. Online users are increasingly running the risk of buying products online that turn out not to be good enough. However, trust in the products can be increased again if these skeptical prospects and potential customers are told and shown the experiences of others with these very products.

So one trend that will gain serious importance in 2022 is customer testimonials in online advertising - especially on social media. If prospective customers see that others have already bought the product and are satisfied with their buying experience, this will strengthen their trust in the advertising and ultimately in the company and the products.

Creativity and authenticity are the key

While there will be some challenges for online advertising in 2022, there will also be new opportunities. The privacy of individual consumers is becoming more relevant, which also makes optimal targeting more difficult. Companies now need to focus on the ads themselves and their creative aspects. At the same time, trust in online advertising is dwindling. To counteract this, it is important to place honest and authentic content in the coming year. Customer testimonials and user-generated content will help to strengthen consumer trust again. Those who want to convince with their online advertising in 2022 must rely on creativity and authenticity.

* Daniel Hipke is CEO of CTR Accelerator and expert in creative advertising.

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