APG tool shows 160,000 analog and digital outdoor advertising offers

With the "Product Finder," APG|SGA provides advertising customers and agencies with a new tool on its comprehensive e-commerce platform apgsga.ch that offers detailed and extremely user-friendly access to the entire range of products and services.

Based on specific search criteria, the "Product Finder" allows optimal communication solutions to be compiled, evaluated, and displayed in a clear manner. Using filter functions such as "communication space," "format," "type of advertising," "price," and "duration," all outdoor advertising spaces and screens from APG|SGA are now displayed according to individual criteria. The detailed view of each advertising space contains further details such as display duration, spot lengths, restrictions, technical information and more. The exact location of a space is visualized by means of an interactive map. The "Search near me" feature calls up outdoor advertising spaces either at the current location or within any geographical radius. Selected products can be collected in the "selection", which allows an overview of multiple spaces and is helpful for campaign planning.

A major innovation for the advertising industry is the bundling of all APG|SGA products in one tool, which reflects the consistent implementation of the Swiss outdoor advertising company's "One Brand" strategy. Further advantages of the "Product Finder" are the new intuitive design and the refined search results with detailed information on each individual space.

Thomas Perret, Head of E-Commerce at APG|SGA, explains: "The aim is to make it easier for advertisers and agencies to access APG|SGA's broad analog and digital range of products and services, with a total of over 160,000 outdoor advertising spaces, using an attractive, digital tool. In recent years, we have continuously expanded our portfolio. The diversity at APG|SGA is great. To help customers find what they're looking for more quickly, there's the Product Finder. Various filters can be used to narrow down the results."

Screenshot "Product Finder

Link to Product Finder  apgsga.ch/productfinder 

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