April Fool's Spot from Wirz: Migros teases Coop

In a 10-second spot, which can be seen exclusively online and on TV today, Migros taunts its favorite competitor Coop.

While other brands come up with elaborate jokes on April 1, such as the introduction of current accounts for cats or a chocolate in the "English Breakfast" flavor, Migros takes a different approach: with an April Fool's joke that doesn't mislead anyone and is immediately recognizable as such.

Jean, one of the residents of the apartment building at the center of all Migros films, announces in the commercial that he will be doing his shopping at the Coop today. But that can only be a joke.

Responsible at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives: Bettina Huwyler, Siegrun Krayer (Campaigning); Iris Kramer (Digital Campaigning & Promotions); Simone Blaser (Media); Markus Sollberger, Barbara Stauffer (Sales Promotions). Responsible at Wirz Communications: Livio Dainese, Caspar Heuss, Florian Siegrist, Jannic Mascello, Angelo Mabellini (creation); Erasmo Palomba, Ruwanie Hayoz (agency producing); Catrin Bewersdorff, Ella Papadakis, Patrik Muntwyler, Valeria Vuckovic (consulting); Urs Krucker (strategy); Thomas Peller, Robin Schuler (media realisation). Production: Stories (film production); Micha Lewinsky (director); Jan Mettler (director of photography); Florian Nussbaumer (executive producer); Joel Scheidegger (producer); Chenyi Yu (production coordinator); Peter Scherz (production design); Pascale Suter (styling); Adrian Frutiger, Fabian Sturzenegger (music); Jingle Jungle AG (soundtrack).

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