TV advertising strengthens the brand

Strong brands fulfill emotional needs, are most likely to be chosen and used by consumers. Their physical and psychological presence makes it easier for them to assert themselves against the competition. In a study, Screenforce and Ipsos examined how a brand achieves its strength.

The Screenforce study now provides the insight that TV advertising positively influences the immediate purchase decision in addition to long-term brand building. With 23 percent more than the average, it activates people more strongly to buy a brand. The probability that a brand will be bought again in the near future is also 28 percent higher with TV than the average across all media. This makes TV the top purchase activator - even ahead of POS advertising measures.

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(Source: Screenforce)

In addition to investing in sales activation, it pays for brands to invest in brand education. The study shows that advertising recall of a brand is directly related to brand strength. This connection is important because it has a direct and lasting effect on market share for a brand. For example, TV advertising has a significantly higher advertising recall of 32 percent than advertising on YouTube or Facebook (both 1 percent). In addition, TV advertising supports the brand image by 28 percent more than the average of the other channels and ensures a better brand understanding (34 percent more than average), which strengthens brand building.

Sales Re-Activation durch TV
(Source: Screenforce)

For the Screenforce study an online survey was carried out among 1200 people in German- and French-speaking Switzerland aged between 18 and 74.

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