Brands must advertise as usual

Brands must continue to advertise products in the usual way during the coronavirus crisis. Customers care about ordinary ads because they provide a sense of normalcy during the emergency. However, marketers still need to address the crisis while spreading positivity. This is the result of a user survey by Twitter.


"It's impossible not to discuss the coronavirus. Customers want to know what security measures companies are taking and whether their employees are keeping their jobs. Brands need to communicate this information regularly via social media. They can't overdo it, though. If they press the tear gland too hard, it quickly becomes unappealing," says marketing expert Bernd Pfeiffer of LimeSoda in an interview with the news portal Pressetext.


Convey normality

Twitter conducted the survey among 826 users. More than half (64 percent) want products to continue to be advertised as usual. One in two feels reassured by these ads, giving them a sense of normality. Nevertheless, brand communication must adapt to the crisis. Only seven percent of those surveyed consider it appropriate for the normal tone to prevail in marketing.


Helping in the fight against pandemic

Brands need to spread positive messages during the coronavirus crisis, according to 70 percent of respondents. They also need to do something to help fight the pandemic. 77 percent want brands to support society during this time. 82 percent are calling for specific financial assistance for medical personnel. (pte)

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