Arosa bans advertising for fur products

The Grisons resort of Arosa has decided to ban any future advertising in the village for fur products. In doing so, Arosa is following in the footsteps of various luxury brands that have already been doing without fur for some time.


"Arosa is a pioneer and already shows with the Arosa Bärenland how animal welfare and tourism work together in an exemplary way. This advertising ban is a logical next step on this path," says Pascal Jenny, tourism director of Arosa, explaining the decision.

The animal welfare organization Vier Pfoten welcomes this step: "It really is a forward-looking message that Arosa no longer allows any advertising for fur products. Hopefully many Swiss tourism destinations and communities will follow this example. Arosa advertises sustainable tourism and impressively shows that it is putting its money where its mouth is," says a delighted Alexandra Mandoki, country director of Vier Pfoten Schweiz. According to the organization, the decision shows that ethical fashion and animal welfare have also gained enormous importance in tourism. Instead of real fur animal cruelty, modern consumers today also want sustainability and innovation in this area.

Every year, more than 100 million animals are killed by the fur industry. Mink, foxes and tanuki suffer in tiny wire cages on fur farms, while other species die a cruel death in traps. High amounts of dangerous chemicals are used to process fur into fur fashions. Vier Pfoten has been working internationally on the issue of fur for many years and is campaigning in Switzerland for a ban on the import of fur products.

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