Agency at the airport sends T-shirts size XL for VBZ TrafficMedia

Agency at the airport shows how advertising on Zurich's streetcars and buses can make an even bigger impact in future


VBZ TrafficMedia has become a lot bigger this year. Not only are the F12 and F200 formats now available on the buses, but advertising in XL format is now also possible on the Cobra streetcars. With the "standard formats" introduced on the buses, a poster campaign can be extended to public transport without any annoying layout adjustments. On the one hand, the larger formats allow a little more design freedom and ultimately also generate more attention for the advertising. To publicize the oversized streetcar and bus advertising, the agency at the airport created an XL starter mailing. In addition to a super-sized advertising shirt, a booklet provides information about the large formats and encourages dialog with VBZ TrafficMedia. The package also includes a competition to win one of the new XL advertising spaces.


Responsible at VBZ TrafficMedia: Alija Idriz (Head of VBZ TrafficMedia), Daniel Andres (Sales Manager VBZ TrafficMedia), Serge Nater (Product Management VBZ TrafficMedia). Responsible at Agentur am Flughafen, Altenrhein: René Eugstair (Creative Direction), Dominique Rutishauser (Art Direction), Miriam Egli (Text/Consulting), Julia Lüchinger (Coordination).

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