Gasstationtv continues to expand network with 144 Tamoil service stations

The gas pump TV Gasstationtv has been able to win Tamoil as a weighty new partner. Within only ten months, Gasstationtv has thus been able to build up a potential of over 300,000 viewers daily in the gas station network in Switzerland.


The equipment of 144 Tamoil service stations with Gasstationtv screens is scheduled for completion by mid-2018. The screens will broadcast an attractive news program, current traffic and congestion reports, and other useful or entertaining content in technically high-resolution quality. In German-speaking Switzerland, the news program comes from the new Online news platform Nau (Advertising Week reported) In French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino by the local publishing houses.

"A win-win situation"

"We want to offer our customers a pleasant welcome in every respect," says Hans Boesch, Director of Retail Network at Tamoil: "Today, this includes not only a modern infrastructure but also up-to-the-minute news and good entertainment while refueling."

At the same time, the screens give service station stores, restaurants and services a prominent platform to present their services. "Win-win," comments Boesch. With the parent company of Gasstationtv and "Nau", Livesystems, Tamoil also has a reliable and technically experienced provider with a partnership approach.

New service convinces service station operators

With Tamoil, Gasstationtv has already been able to convince the fourth mineral oil company within ten months. In January of this year, Gasstationtv started with Migrol, and in the summer it was joined by Avia member Grisard in the Basel region and the eastern Swiss representative of the Landi network with the Agrola brand.

According to the principle of "everything from a single source", Livesystems, the parent company of Gasstationtv, offers not only the news content of "Nau", but also the technical and advertising support of the screens. Together with its sister product Passengertv in public transport, Gasstationtv now reaches a mobile and interested 1.6 million population segment every day thanks to the new partnership with Tamoil.

This is an extremely attractive advertising platform, in whose advertising francs the service station operators have a share and which, according to Simon Jossi of Migrol, "is marketed very actively."

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