APG sails Sprüngli gold bunnies across Lake Zurich

APG|SGA Traffic has been commissioned by Lindt & Sprüngli to create an unusual out-of-home advertising campaign for the Gold Bunny during the Easter period. It is allowed to glide across the lake on the "MS Limmat" of the Lake Zurich Navigation Company.


With an unusual campaign, the Swiss chocolate manufacturer Lindt & Sprüngli is generating attention for its Gold Bunny just in time for Easter, thus underlining its cult status. From the end of March, the motor ship "MS Limmat" will be dedicated to the Gold Bunny for three weeks. The Easter Bunny with a red bow and little bell will be enthroned in large format, similar to a figurehead, on the roof of the motor ship "MS Limmat". A band communication on the railing reinforces the extraordinary out-of-home advertising presence.


In addition, passengers on the motor ship "MS Limmat" will also enjoy a product sampling in the form of 2,500 golden bunnies over the Easter period. This guarantees Lindt & Sprüngli an advertising presence not only with the passengers of the ZSG, but also with passers-by, tourists, and residents around the shores of Lake Zurich. This campaign is being implemented by APG|SGA Traffic.


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