Coachman with a desire for more horsepower

In Serviceplan's new TV spot for BMW dealer Facchinetti, presenter Mélanie Freymond meets unusual customers.


With four locations in the Geneva region, Facchinetti is one of the largest BMW dealers in French-speaking Switzerland. What makes BMW fans particularly happy is Facchinetti's current special bonus when they trade in a used car. In the new TV commercial by Serviceplan Suisse, they follow the call of driving pleasure in rows and even cause a small traffic jam in front of the Facchinetti showroom.

The film in the style of a news report shows TSR presenter Mélanie Freymond in the role of a reporter reporting live on location. She interviews a coachman who trades in his old carriage for a BMW - because his two horses simply no longer offer him enough horsepower.

The spot will be broadcast on a total of nine TV stations in French-speaking Switzerland, accompanied by a radio campaign.

Responsible at Serviceplan Suisse: Raul Serrat (Executive Creative Director), Michael Kathe (Creative Director), Nicolas Stark (Art Direction), Günter Zumbach and Yannick Schaller (Text), Christian Panzeri and Sabri Abidi (Consulting). Responsible at Toast Production: Robin Vaneberg (Director), Antoine Janssens (Director Production). Responsible at Magic Kitchen Marketing Solutions: Olivier Schmid (Media Planning). Responsible at Facchinetti Automobile: Nicolao Colombo (Director Marketing), Camille Guyot (Marketing).

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