Gang bingo goes into series

The "Bandenbingo" developed by FCB Zurich is one of the most internationally awarded works of the last year. Due to the high demand, also from abroad, the gang bingo is now marketed as a commercial license solution.


In the Gunn Report 2016, Gang Bingo is listed among the top 20 best digital works in the world. This puts it in the immediate vicinity of sensational campaigns such as "The next Rembrandt" or "Check it before it's removed" for Pink Ribbon. The gang bingo also caused a sensation beyond the advertising industry. Numerous ice hockey clubs from Europe sent inquiries to FCB Zurich. The result: in future, Bandenbingo will be marketed as a commercial licensing solution and will be used in further stadiums for the 2017/2018 season. So you could say the serial winner is going into series.

FCB Zurich is proud to be the only Swiss agency to have made it into the Gunn Report's top 20 list with a digital work. The Gunn Report measures creative performance based on international creative competitions.

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