Furniture and accessories that you can not part with

The Micasa spring catalogue is here. Leo Burnett Switzerland has staged the novelties and classics.


Micasa, the Migros furniture store, offers a stylish range of furniture and accessories. Under the creative idea "Furniture and accessories you can't part with", the agency staged novelties and popular classics for the 2017 spring catalogue. With living ideas that let spring move in - and protagonists who take their new favorite furniture with them everywhere because they can't part with it anymore. The Do It + Garden brochure enclosed with the catalogue also provides fresh ideas for the balcony and garden. The Micasa catalogue is now available in all branches.


Responsible at Micasa: Lukas Vasvary (Head of Communications Micasa); Carine Bernet (Project Management Communications). Responsible at Leo Burnett Switzerland: Barbara Hartmann, Vanessa Mermoud, Franziska Pennington (creation); David Fischer (CD); Martin Stulz (ECD); Michael Gassler, Aline Litchenhaus, Naina Tollardo, Annick Engeli (consulting); Susan Wittber, Hannes Kälin (realisation/production); Suzana Kovacevic (art buying); Ailine Liefeld, Raphael Zubler, von Detail, Heinz Unger (photography). Production: Mel Y Mel; Image Editing: Felix Schregenberger.

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