Mainland/Seed: Raiffeisen paves the way for local heroes

Festland and Seed promote Raiffeisen's crowdfunding platform


With the crowdfunding platform Raiffeisen provides local associations and non-profit organizations with an easy and fee-free way to raise money, materials or helpers for their projects.

The launch campaign, developed by Festland and Seed, relies on the power of the moving image. For this purpose, the "Black Cheetahs" were specially created, a fictional American football junior team that urgently needs new equipment - and successfully finances it thanks to Cheered on by their charismatic coach Charlie, the young film heroes show in a series of how-to videos how the platform works, how to produce a strong project video and how to beat the advertising drum for their project.

The success story of the "Black Cheetahs" can be seen on the platform and is promoted via trailer on digital and social media, flanked by other online advertising media. The campaign also includes dialog and event marketing by local Raiffeisen banks. The new service reinforces Raiffeisen's regional commitment and traditionally strong relationships with associations. For Jürg Moosmann, Head of Advertising & Brand, creates an ideal interlinking of tradition and innovation: "The principle of the cooperative bank, namely helping people to help themselves, which Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen invented over 150 years ago and which still forms the DNA of our brand today, is transformed into today's digital age thanks to the new donation platform and underscores our proverbial proximity and local roots throughout Switzerland."

Responsible at Raiffeisen: Jürg Moosmann (Head of Advertising & Brand), Anja Lapcevic (Campaign Manager), Elodie Schwab (Project Manager). Responsible at Mainland: Othmar Geser (Creative Direction), Marco Casile (Strategy), Andi Ackermann (Project Management), Anja Bollhalder (Project Support), Katrin Bohrer (Art Direction), Nina Engeler (Graphics), Andreas Feuerstein (Text). Responsible at Seed: Ari Zehnder (director), Felix Courvoisier (producer), Claudio Garovi (project management), Alex Biondi (production manager).

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