Spacetrain: Music for American TV commercial

Swiss music studio Spacetrain composes the music for the latest TV commercial from "Susan G. Komen," the world's largest breast cancer charity.

SUSAN G. KOMEN_TVC_Jordan Is More Than Pink

Group Creative Director Tim Hoppin of Seattle-based agency Possible chose Zurich composers Dean Montenegro and Dave Macloed for the latest TV spot from the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Charity and gave them all the creative freedom they needed for the music.

The film was directed by Bella Monticelli, who also directed the music video "Another Love" by Tom Odell, among others. The film tells the story of the girl Jordan Phillips, who sews cup holders and earns 5,741 dollars, which her mother needs for cancer surgery.

"When Dean Montenegro and Dave Macloed saw the touching film, they were immediately inspired. They composed the music as dramatic, melancholic and hopeful as the great story," Spacetrain writes in a statement.

The "Jordan Is More Than Pink" TV spot will air on all major U.S. TV stations starting this week and will also be shown on all American Airlines flights.

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