Schöggeli search in virtual reality

For the first time in German-speaking countries, a virtual reality production was co-financed by advertising marketing. Goldbach Media took over the marketing for Arosa Tourism and was able to win the media agency Mediakanzlei and the sponsor Minor for the project. The agencies Bandara and Yoveo are responsible for the technical and conceptual implementation.


To market the well-known squirrel trail in Arosa, the interactive hiking trail was made experienceable for the user as a virtual reality video with 360° panoramic view. The video puts the squirrel trail and its animal inhabitants in the limelight and also features a competition. Minor Schöggeli are hidden all around, which the user has to find. The number of Schöggeli found can be posted on the Facebook pages of Arosa and Minor. At stake is no less than a year's supply of Minor Schöggeli.

"The video campaign is a very nice way for users to get to know not only the Squirrel Trail but also Virtual Reality better. The competition also creates involvement and generates traffic on the social media channels of Arosa and Minor," says Marco Demont, co-founder of video service provider Yoveo, explaining the concept of the campaign. "The conception and implementation of the idea together with several brands was an exciting and challenging project with which we were able to demonstrate how virtual reality content can be profitably marketed," says Daniel Gremli of Zurich-based virtual reality content studio Bandara.

Companies have often staged their products in virtual reality productions. However, marketing via external partner companies and the associated co-financing by third parties (advertisers) is an innovation in the German-speaking world.

"As an experienced TV, DOOH and video marketer, it is consistent that we also extend our value creation to virtual reality and 360° productions," says Guido Trevisan, Marketing Director of Goldbach Media, explaining the support for the project and adds: "We are proud to enter new marketing territory and to gain our first experience in refinancing 360° productions through advertising." In Arosa, Tourism Director Pascal Jenny is pleased about the innovative campaign: "Just nominated for the most important tourism award "Milestone", Arosa wants to develop steadily. This means combining activities with new technological possibilities. Not only in terms of content, but also in terms of external communication". And Rolf Suter, CEO of Mediakanzlei says: "The Squirrel Trail campaign shows how technological innovations can be used to creatively bring products closer to a target group. Thanks to the clever use of synergies, this case was also particularly cost-efficient".

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