Jim & Jim: "Ready for the evening door".

To get young adventurers and globetrotters excited about STA Travel's offers, the agency specializing in youth marketing has designed a nationwide moving image campaign.


The aim is to convince millenials who love travel and adventure of STA Travel's offering. Jim & Jim designed a digital advertising concept that focuses on the longing for a change from everyday life and the desire for adventure. These needs accumulate among schoolchildren, apprentices and students, especially before exams. The agency picked up on this feeling for the digital moving image campaign: it shows a student in the exam preparation phase who takes the aquarium into the reading room out of learning desperation and longing for experience. "Ready for the evening door," he dives into the aquarium with a snorkel and diving goggles and takes the viewer with him on his travel dreams.


To further deepen the understanding of the needs of today's travel generation, prospective customers are asked to name their dream destination on a specially developed landing page. At the moment, the ranking of the most popular destinations is led by America, Australia and, surprisingly, Switzerland. But people also dream of the "concentrated load of wildlife" in Africa or dancing on the volcanoes of Iceland. By taking part, you are already one step closer to your dream: you can expect a 100-franc discount on your next booking. On top of that, there are instant prizes up for grabs as well as the chance to win one of three attractive grand prizes. STA Travel's social media channels are fed with travel feeds on a daily basis, inspiring new adventures. In order to address young globetrotters directly, Jim & Jim has also held promotional events at universities and designed advertising materials for STA branches.


Responsible at Jim & Jim: Carina Thoma (idea, concept, project management); Virginia Waldburger (idea, art direction); Robin Steiner, Andrin Buchli (idea); Fabio Emch (concept); Andrea Müller (project management); Hillton (video production); Lorenz Richard (photography). Responsible at STA Travel: Andreas Weber (Project Manager); Nicole Azzola (Head of Offline Marketing CEU); Caroline Bleiker (CEO Switzerland).

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