Geyst: Samurais for Steeltec

Geyst proves that B2B communication can be quite exciting for Steeltec with the appearance for the innovative Xtreme Performance Technology. For this, the Zurich agency has a modern-day samurai wielding a steel rod.


Steeltec, a company of the Swiss-listed Schmolz + Bickenbach Group, produces special steels for a wide range of industries, in particular for the automotive sector, the hydraulics industry and mechanical engineering. Now the steel company has developed a treatment method that can be used to give any standard steel significantly improved properties - toughness, strength and load-bearing capacity are massively increased. This pays off above all when used under extreme conditions, such as cold or strong vibration. This opens up new possibilities in the design and construction of components.

Geyst is taking on the task of developing a market presence that appeals to a wide range of B2B target groups - from naming to integrated communication measures that can be used internationally. The appearance is based on a simple insight: while steel treated with Xtreme Performance Technology looks like conventional steel on the outside, its excellence is hidden on the inside and offers maximum strength and resistance. To illustrate this, the market appearance also relies on a special resistance fighter who stands for inner strength: a samurai, but armed with a steel rod instead of a sword. In the sense of an authentic staging, even a real samurai of modern times is engaged: Godi Renz, 6th Dan kendo fighter and coach of the Swiss Kendo squad, who represents Switzerland at European and World Championships.

The martial arts of the samurai can be experienced in a wide variety of communication media in the online and offline areas. The focus of the appearance is the microsite, which brings Samurai and Xtreme Performance Technology to life. Digital sales documentation, a brochure, trade ads and a trade show appearance round out the presence.

Responsible at Steeltec: Guido Olschewski (Head of Quality and Product Development); Dirk Ochmann (Head of Sales); Isabel Wagner (Manager Marketing & Communications). Responsible at Geyst: Oliver Schneider, Christian Raissig, Florian Spierling, Sabine Bremermann, Matthias Kadlubsky (creation); Robert Lisac, Nicole Zimmermann (web); Eric van Rekum (DTP); Venanzio Peterle (image editing); Julia Hartung, Steph Huber (consulting); Roman Emunds (COO). Other partners: Patrizio di Renzo Visualeyes International (Photography)

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