Helsana moves Switzerland

FCB Zurich created over 100 individual workout posters for Helsana.


Exercise is important to stay healthy and in shape. Nevertheless, according to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, two thirds of the Swiss population do not exercise enough. But Helsana Health Insurance now wants to change that - with over 100 individual workout posters.

In 36 cities throughout Switzerland, over 100 posters were designed, all of which encourage passers-by to become active in sports. The special feature: A moving idea was tailor-made for each environment and touchpoint. For example, a poster site by the lake becomes a badminton net, a small wall in the city becomes a challenging balance exercise, or a poster in the park becomes a ping-pong table.

In line with the motto "Committed to more exercise", the individually designed posters transform public space into a giant exercise area. In this way, Helsana not only raises awareness of the topic of exercise among the Swiss, but also actively contributes to more exercise.

Responsible at Helsana: Simon Neuner (Head of Marketing & Communications), Claudia Scheurer (Head of Brand Experience), Sibylle Salzmann (Project Manager Brand Experience). Responsible at FCB Zurich: Andy Lusti, Marcin Baba, Dennis Lück (Creative Direction), Fabian Zahner, Sarah Ming (Copywriter), Lukas Wietlisbach, Katja Schlosser, Paul Labun (Art Direction), Emanuel Büchler (Content Development Film), Mark Becher (Client Service Director), Cécile Schurtenberger, Michael Hürlimann (Consulting). Responsible at Propaganda: Lisa Gasser (Marketing Manager), Sandro Galli (CEO). Responsible at Konnex: Monica Jäggi (co-owner), Judith Bischoff (media planning).

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