La Hunziker celebrates the new UPC portfolio

New TV commercial: UPC launches a completely revised and simplified product portfolio with Michelle Hunziker.


UPC is offering a new portfolio called "Connect & Play" from Wednesday. This not only offers a new and powerful basic package, but also broadband Internet and entertainment at attractive prices. For all customers who opt for the new portfolio, the previous billing of the cable connection via the ancillary rental costs will become obsolete.

Just in time for the new portfolio, Michelle Hunziker, UPC's new brand ambassador, will be featured in a campaign for the first time. Starting on October 1, the 39-year-old presenter will be dancing in the TV spot to show her delight at the new "Connect & Play" offers. "We really put some speed into the commercial. I like hosting live shows, but such a snappy TV shoot is just fun. For me, it's important to identify with both the company and the products, and that's definitely the case with fast Internet - coupled with entertainment," says the Swiss native. The campaign was created by Scholz & Friends Zurich and was already teased when the new brand ambassador was announced in July ( reported).

Responsible at UPC: Ivo Hoevel (Chief Marketing & Products Officer Switzerland/Austria), Marcus Kikisch (Director Marketing Communication & Brand Management), Laura Ballestrin (Manager Marketing Communication) Julia Trunkwalter (Marketing Communication Specialist). Responsible at Scholz & Friends Switzerland: Christian Vosshagen, Roger Dobmann, Lukas Frei (creation), Michèle Gutmann, Petra Moser, Seraina Studer, Tobias Baumann, Tobias Händler (consulting and strategy). Responsible at Manifesto Films: Shannon Mildon, Charlotte Hottinger (Producer), Reto Salimbeni (Director), Andy Weimer (Post-Production Supervisor) Tabea Bühlmann (Edit), Roger Sommer (Grading). Music: Fred Hermann, HitMill. Setting: Jingle Jungle.

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