SNK: "Zopf & Zöpfli"

SNK supported the Coop subsidiaries Betty Bossi and Marché Restaurants in the development of their new fast food concept "Zopf & Zöpfli" and developed a coherent appearance with its own label, color concept and typography.


Betty Bossi and Marché Restaurants Switzerland are entering into a cooperation and launching "Zopf & Zöpfli," a new concept for fast food at locations with high foot traffic. As the name suggests, the offer consists of Zopf in a wide range of variations and sizes. The first point of sale for "Zopf & Zöpfli" will open on September 23, 2016 at Bern train station.


The Zurich branding agency SNK accompanied the development process from the initial ideas to the pitch presentation to the SBB to the execution. The main task was to develop a sender behavior and appearance that would tie in with Betty Bossi's heritage in a contemporary way. SNK designed the "Zopf & Zöpfli" label, defined the color concept and typography, and was responsible for the attractive implementation on packaging, coffee mugs, sugar sticks, etc.


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