Global brand launch for Dormakaba

MetaDesign is supporting the global brand launch of Dormakaba. The Dorma Group is one of the world's leading providers of integrated solutions for opening and closing doors.


The Kaba Group, in turn, is one of the world's leading providers of products, system solutions and services for the protection of people and property. During 2015, the two merged to form the dormakaba Group. This creates a new top 3 provider in the global market for access and security solutions.

This connection opens up a variety of perspectives - for the merging companies and their customers. MetaDesign was commissioned to unleash the resulting power in internal and external communications. Working closely with the client, MetaDesign developed a brand identity that brings the new positioning to life. This was a special challenge, since the merger of the two companies is still in full swing. The new brand platform designed by MetaDesign forms the foundation of the new appearance.


In addition to the new platform, MetaDesign is designing a global launch campaign. A precise messaging system addresses each target group with a core message defined specifically for them. Another internal campaign promotes a common understanding of the new brand among employees and accompanies the internal rollout.


Daniela Schöchlin, Senior Vice President Group Communications at dormakaba: "The new brand must support the achievement of our long-term goals. This includes building on the existing strong brands Dorma and Kaba. It is also about giving our customers and partners the feeling that they are still in good hands. The new brand identity supports us on this path and sends a clear signal." Alexander Haldemann, managing director of MetaDesign, in a statement: "Accompanying a merger of two market leaders is a demanding task. It requires not only commitment and creativity, but also an understanding of the global requirements for the new brand. dormakaba has consistently followed this path, and the result speaks for itself."

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