Lovely on the Bike Trail

Ruf Lanz has implemented a new campaign for the Swiss Milk Producers SMP.


Many campaigns by Swiss milk producers have come from Ruf Lanz's stable since 2006. In recent years, the popular dairy cow Lovely has been taught yoga, climbing and snowboarding, among other things. The campaigns have won several awards, most recently Epica Gold for the cable car pulling campaign in the Swiss mountains.

Now Lovely is embarking on a new adventure. Because biking is becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland, she was equipped with an action cam and sent out on a bike trail. Even on this bumpy, obstacle-laden terrain, she cuts a fine figure.

The film runs for young audiences on TV, web TV and video portals as well as online channels. Switzerland is being asked to show how fit it is with banners, advertisements and a teaser spot. At photos or clips can be uploaded. The entries with the most votes win prizes.

Responsible at the Swiss Milk Producers SMP: Martin Rüst (Head of Advertising & Promotions), Daniela Schmutz (Project Manager Advertising Milk), Stefan Arnold (Head of Marketing). Responsible at Ruf Lanz: Danielle Lanz, Markus Ruf (Creative Direction), Dave Schellenberg, Grit Wolany (Art Direction) Florian Birkner (Text), Pascal Trütsch (Consulting). Film Production: Onfilm Switzerland, Rhea Mandanis (Producer), Björn Benckert (Director). Postproduction: Syndicate. Sound design: Jingle Jungle. Online: Ultra Images.

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