Great emotions for the ZFF

Havas Zurich has realized a declaration of love to cinema with Alberto Venzago.

ZFF_Still_screen (1)

The Zurich Film Festival celebrates its 12th edition this year and brings Hollywood to the Limmat City. As a platform for filmmakers from all over the world, it has built up an excellent reputation for cinematic highlights since its inception and thus offers a wonderful setting for the fascination of cinema.

As self-confessed lovers of the big screen, Frank Bodin and Alberto Venzago have now packed this fascination into a touching trailer. In close-ups and in classic black and white, they capture the emotions that make the cinema experience so unique, regardless of age and background - from smiles to tears to tangible tension. The trailer is a declaration of love to the visitors of the Zurich Film Festival, which has become a fixed point in Zurich's cultural agenda.

Responsible at Zurich Film Festival: Nadja Schildknecht and Julie Keller. Responsible at Havas Zurich: Frank Bodin (overall responsibility), Marianne Sauter, Pasang Schauwecker (advice). Direction and photography: Alberto Venzago. Camera: Markus Zucker. Cut: Igor Patalas. Sound: Jingle Jungle.

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