Our money is gone faster today

The cantonal banks want to strengthen the financial literacy of young people - Leo Burnett delivers the campaign.


In Switzerland, around 40 percent of the population live in a household with at least one type of debt (excluding mortgages). Adolescents and young adults are generally responsible with money. However, they are exposed to increasingly strong consumer stimuli - for example through online shopping or digital payment. Taking on debt to fulfil all consumption desires at a young age increases the risk of falling into a long-term, problematic debt spiral. Early exposure to money and consumption is therefore crucial for effective prevention. Accordingly, improving financial literacy is also part of the current curricula of compulsory schools in Switzerland.


The 24 cantonal banks are jointly committed to promoting financial literacy among young people. In cooperation with the Swiss Teachers' Association (LCH) and the Syndicat des enseignants romands (SER), they have founded the FinanceMission association. FinanceMission provides a range of scientifically based learning materials for school lessons that are tailored to Swiss curricula and which can be used to teach the responsible use of money in an exciting way.

Leo Burnett Switzerland developed the following campaign for this purpose: Unlike in the past, today we can spend money with modern payment options and it is sometimes gone with just one click. This ease is the communicative hook of the campaign: "Our money is gone faster today." The campaign is being used nationally on television and on various online platforms.


Responsible at the Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks (ASCB): Hanspeter Hess (Director), Karin Schwerzmann (Head of Marketing Communications) with the ASCB Marketing Commission. Responsible at Leo Burnett: Martin Arnold (CD Text), Stian Bugten (CD Art), Alba Rau (AD), Axel Eckstein (ECD), Erasmo Palomba (Art Buying), Rolf Zimmermann (Strategy), Manuel Schmid, Stéphanie Tschanz (Consulting); onfilm (Film Production), Marc Wilkins (Director).

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