Four. makes solar power mobile.

Four. communicates that VBZ customers can now ride on solar power.


VBZ customers can now travel their daily route with solar power. With the "Solar-Mobil-Pass" you can travel for one year on the entire Züri line with solar power. The pass costs 36 Swiss francs and is available at VBZ sales points and in the Webshop available. EWZ guarantees that the solar power comes 100 percent from Swiss solar power.

The communication measures to promote the innovative offer were designed and implemented by the dialog marketing agency Four. In addition to an advertisement and a website, various measures were developed that are used in the environment of VBZ means of transport (streetcar, bus). The communicative central idea is the depiction of a VBZ boarding button, with the headline "In Zürich, the sun rides with you."


Responsible at EWZRené Hauck (Head of Campaign Management). Responsible at VBZ: Thomas Meier (Head of Sales), Raffael Aebersold (Project Manager Sales); Natascha Klinger (Project Manager Corporate Communications). Responsible at Four: Björn Brinkmann (CD Text/Concept); Philipp Sträuli (CD Art); Christian Hansen (Strategy/Consulting); Dominic Rossier (Consulting Group Management).

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