Even with the latest Ovo you can't do better

Leo Burnett Switzerland developed the launch spot for the new Ovomaltine Plus.


The new Ovomaltine plus is the smallest, but also the strongest Ovomaltine there is. Each bottle contains extra vitamins, calcium and magnesium - a handy energy boost that is particularly useful for school-age children and their parents. But even with the latest addition to the Ovo family, you can't do better. But longer. The launch spot takes a look behind the scenes of the film shoot, where the tongue-twisting text causes problems. Not only the two actors show a lot of stamina, but also director Michael Steiner, who more or less patiently gives instructions from off-screen.

Responsible at Ovomaltine: Christina Kieni Römer (Head of Marketing & Sales), Christof Stulz (Marketing Manager), Anna Esposito (Brand Manager Ovomaltine). Responsible at Leo Burnett Switzerland: Lukas Tauss, Ilija Gautschi, David Hugentobler (creation) David Fischer (CD), Martin Stulz (ECD), Michael Gassler, Livia Otth (consulting), Erasmo Palomba (FFF); film production: Onfilm, Michael Steiner (direction) Jingle Jungle (sound).

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