Streetart advertises streetart

Leo Burnett has implemented a subject and a campaign for the Art & Food Market in Sihlcity.


In keeping with the summer, Sihlcity brought the themes of art and food onto the streets. At the first Art & Food Market, street artists from various disciplines presented their works. This was accompanied by delicious food directly from food trucks. For the communication Leo Burnett worked together with the Zurich graffiti and street art veteran "Hank". The so-called tape art plays an important role in the scene. And so the campaign is literally held together with gaffer tape. In the print motif, tape combines the themes of art and food in a brute-fresh way. On location in Sihlcity, it served as a signal. And for two nights, Zurich street art was transformed into posters for the festival: each subject an original, stuck and tagged by "Hank".


Responsible at Sihlcity:Corine Maissen (Head of Marketing), Corinne Wiederkehr (Marketing Specialist).Responsible at Leo Burnett:Barbara Hartmann, Anna Leudolph (creation), David Fischer (CD), Martin Stulz (ECD), Christoph Schwarz, Michela Iseli (consulting), Suzana Kovacevic (artbuying), Rico Rosenberger (photography/image editing).

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