FCB Zurich stages great cinema

On September 4, 2016, the Day of Cinema will take place for the first time. FCB Zurich has created the entire appearance.


On this special Sunday, cinema lovers have the chance to see their favorite films in more than 250 cinemas in Switzerland and Liechtenstein for just five francs per film. An event created by the association ProCinema, which is accompanied by the agency FCB Zurich in terms of communication. The entire communications presence - starting with the logo and the corporate identity to the Microsite - was newly developed and implemented by the agency. All relevant media channels were used as part of the orchestrated campaign. In addition to classic print subjects, radio spots, online films and lots of digital content are used. FCB Zurich was also responsible for the entire content planning and production.


A special highlight is the 60-second movie spot, which is currently being shown in all major cinemas for three months. This is not a classic commercial, but a trailer that announces the day of the cinema in best blockbuster style. The trailer shows how an everyday story becomes great cinema through cinematic staging. The production was done by FCB Zurich on their own.

Responsible at ProCinema: Claude Ruey (President ProCinema), Brigitte Müller/BM Conseils (Marketing and Project Management Cinema Day), Jessica Oreiro/Pathé Films, Cédric Bourquard/Swiss Cinema Association, René Gerber/ProCinema (Project Team Cinema Day). Responsible at FCB Zurich: Sören Schröder, Flavio Meroni (Creative Direction), Dominik Brülisauer, Kelsang Gope (Copywriter), Olivia Schläpfer, Annika Hänni (Art Direction), Hanja Baruschke, Manuela Tappe (Webdesign), Olivier Walter (Direction) Emanuel Büchler (Editing), Lina Baumann (Producer), Jonas Brändli, Mirjam Milenkovic (Consulting). Other responsible parties: Great Garbo (music), Tonstudios Z (sound design), soul.media (programming).

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