Yjoo relies on proven know-how

After their maternity leave, two long-time consultants, Nina Kaufmann and Nadine Sauter, are returning to Yjoo Communications. They reinforce the team in Zurich again in the areas of Corporate and Marketing Communications.


Nadine Sauter has been a team member since the founding of YJOO in 2010, Nina Kaufmann has been part of Yjoo since 2011. While Nina Kaufmann brings with her broad experience in corporate communications and manages numerous client projects from the consumer goods industry in German, French and English, Nadine Sauter is a proven specialist in the field of corporate publishing. The two are returning with a 60-percent and 50-percent workload respectively. "Several years of experience and professional know-how are invaluable to us," says Nina Krucker, Managing Partner at Yjoo.

Yjoo has been on the market since 2010, is the third largest BPRA agency in Switzerland and a member of Leading Swiss Agencies LSA. The right mix of full-time and part-time employees is sometimes seen as the reason for Yjoo's success. Nina Krucker comments: "In our agency, the focus is not primarily on the workload. Whether a person fits in with us professionally and personally, as well as mutual flexibility, are just as important." YJOO currently employs 32 people, two of whom are men and five women on a part-time basis.

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