Futurecom clarifies creditworthiness

Y&R agency Futurecom Interactive launches credit check portal for Bob Finance in record time.


Our creditworthiness is often put to the test. Whenever we shop online, are interested in a rental property or want a lease, loan or mortgage, our creditworthiness is checked. And usually with Crif, Switzerland's leading credit agency. To make this behind-the-scenes process visible, Bob Finance, the Valora Group's fintech subsidiary, has entered into a cooperation with Crif and, at the beginning of July, launched the online platform ScoreMe launched.

Within just seven weeks, Futurecom interactive built the brand and the platform on a greenfield site, so to speak. First, the name and the corporate design were created in a concentrated process. This was followed by a short conception phase for the actual core, the online platform. Then the programming team around CIO Bruno Rambaldi took over, and the virtual sweat beads are still standing on his forehead after the launch: "Getting a project with such complex networking and high security requirements off the ground in such a short time was a great challenge for all of us. Our extensive experience with such projects naturally helped us to define potential problem areas in advance and to have solutions ready. Nevertheless, it was the case that the Futurecom project team certainly couldn't go home at 5 p.m. in the final phase."

Since July 1, 2016, all Swiss residents over the age of 18 can now check their creditworthiness in a very simple and free way. "All it takes is an official identification document (passport or ID) and the cell phone number," says Tim Ackermann, COO of Bob Finance, explaining ScoreMe's simple system. After the free registration, the result is sent by e-mail within a few minutes. If the credit rating is okay, a credit certificate can be ordered for a fee, which is accepted by an ever-growing number of landlords, banks and other lenders. If the credit rating is not as it should be, this can be changed with the help of an expert from "Bob Finance" partner Crif.

Responsible at Bob Finance: Hilmar Scheel (CEO), Tim Ackermann (COO), Wolfgang Gröschel (CFO), Janine Lutz (Marketing Manager). Responsible at Futurecom Interactive: Claus Bornholt (COO), Bruno Rambaldi (CIO), Thomas Engeli (Executive Creative Director), Sandro Tissi (Art Director), Nick-Patrick Herrmann (Account Director), Marcel Berberich (Principal Software Engineer), David Suppiger (Senior Software Engineer), Henry Seng (Software Engineer), Jean-Baptiste Bernus (Software Engineer), Roger Krage (Copywriter).


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