Everything else is history

Proviande is parting with the slogan "Everything else is a side dish." The reason is the ever-increasing trend to avoid meat.


This writes 20 Minutes Online on Friday. The claim has been ubiquitous in Switzerland for over ten years and has even become established in everyday language to some extent. Proviande, the trade organisation of the Swiss meat industry, invited tenders for the entire communications budget in summer 2004. The search was on for a new, comprehensive concept approach with the potential for long-term brand profiling. The Bernese agency Polyconsult won the race, beating out three other agencies in the evaluation. "We all separate meat and side dishes when we talk about a menu," the CD responsible, Jürg Tscharner, told Werbewoche at the time. "The place Swiss meat occupies in the meal becomes most obvious once it is missing."


Apparently, the climate has since changed. "We have noticed that the slogan is increasingly criticised in the current climate, in which meat renunciation is on everyone's lips. In the political discussion, it was really beaten around our ears," Proviande director Heinrich Bucher told 20 Minuten. The communication strategy was therefore further developed. The new claim "Swiss meat. The subtle difference." under the motto "Responsible enjoyment from the homeland" emphasises the advantages of local meat instead of differentiating it from vegetarian food. (hae)

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