Tell's visually stunning production

The design agency Herger Imholz creates the complete corporate identity for the Tellspiele Altdorf 2016.


In 2016, the Tellspiele Altdorf present themselves as a visually stunning theater spectacle. Herger Imholz has worked out a special idea for this. At the Tell plays, the hero is not only William Tell, but the community. Therefore, the 80 players were integrated into the corporate identity with an elaborate portrait shooting. These striking subjects now adorn the billboards of Switzerland. Accompanying booklets, flyers, postcards and advertisements were designed.


The young German director Philipp Becker and his international team take the legendary narrative into account and rediscover Tell in an imaginative way. Players of all ages, supported for the first time in the history of the Tell plays by their own festival orchestra, use visually stunning scenes to jointly pose the questions of freedom, homeland and what makes a person a hero, relevant then as now.


Responsible at Tellspiel- und Theatergesellschaft Altdorf: Barbara Bär-Hellmüller (President), Thomas Brunner (Vice President, Marketing), Philipp Becker (Director, Overall Management), Gerhild Steinbuch (Text). Responsible at Herger Imholz: Yves Herger (Creative Direction), Jasmin Zurfluh (Graphics), Andreas Schuler (Polygraphy).

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