KSP: Campaign for Bikedrive

KSP shows in a viral spot: The Bikedrive electric motor from Maxon is out of this world.


The electric motors from Swiss manufacturer Maxon Motor are in use all over the world. But not only that: They also orbit the earth and even explore the red planet with the Mars Rover. The latest achievement is an electric motor that turns a conventional bicycle into an electric bike in no time at all. The name: Bikedrive.

To get Bikedrive talked about, KSP created a viral spot. The special thing about it is that it takes place on Mars, where the rover suddenly discovers an electric bike with the Bikedrive motor in the middle of the red landscape during its exploration tour. The NASA operator is audibly amazed and shocked at the same time.

The first version of the spot went online on YouTube as a teaser without a sender. The viral ends abruptly without a sender after the sighting of the bike and the discovery of an alien footprint. Recently, the resolution is online and Bikedrive is presented at the end.

Responsible at Maxon Motor: Michel Riedmann (Head of Marketing/Communications). Responsible at KSP: Uwe Schlupp (overall responsibility); Benny Goldstein (creative direction); Daniel Zehnder (text); Angela van der Sman (consulting management); Mikael Haak (consulting); Federico Dreves, Hauke Hein, Alexander Beim (D.I.E. commercials).

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