Sami lice work all year round

Digital creative agency TrueStory worked with Maybaum Film to design and implement a seven-part video campaign for Bern-based online marketplace


The videos run on the Facebook and YouTube channel of The focus is on Samichläuse, who work for all year round.

Passers-by and tourists in Bern were amazed this summer when they saw numerous Santa Clauses delivering packages on the streets. The background to this action was a campaign by TrueStory to draw attention to's Same Day Delivery service. In order to be able to guarantee this service, it needs the best couriers in the world - the Sami lice. In the video clips, they show themselves to be extremely motivated and are happy that, in addition to Christmas, they can now also work on the remaining 364 days of the year.

With the pilot project, Swiss Post is launching a local online marketplace with same-day delivery in the Bern area, giving small businesses access to the booming e-commerce sector. More and more selected Bernese businesses have been offering their items on this shared shopping platform since this summer.

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