From "Storytelling" to "Storydoing

Zurich agency Jung von Matt launches the new Migros campaign "From us. From here".


From ice cream with seals to cult iced tea and water from the Valais: Migros produces around 10,000 products in Switzerland itself, and these Migros brands are only available from Migros. The own brands account for a large share of sales, especially in the food sector, which is unrivaled worldwide for a retailer. The Migros umbrella brand team has worked hard to ensure that this uniqueness is now also played out interactively in communications in the new campaign concept.

Storytelling with employee stories has been captured by Jung von Matt in new cinematic episodes. The charmingly Swiss employee anecdotes were filmed in real Migros factories; for example, they discuss why there is a seal on the vanilla glacé. During campaign development, greater attention was paid to shareability and social media engagement. Moving image series instead of monumental film. The campaign will start with two episodes, with two more to follow in the fall.

To ensure that "storytelling" doesn't stop there, but that "storydoing" also takes place, customer moments have also been collected online for months at These can now also be actively shared, thanks to the postcard generator that allows the biggest Migros brand fans to become ambassadors.


Media Mix: TV, online, billboard, ads, social media, numerous owned channels at Migros including postcard generator on and postcard sampling at stores.

Responsible at Migros Genossenschaftsbund: Daniela Keck (Head of Strategy); Désirée Strassmann (Head of Umbrella Campaigns); Philipp Kuonen (Project Manager Umbrella Campaigns); Philipp Bühler (Project Manager Digital) ; Simone Blaser (Project Manager Media). Responsible at Jung von Matt: Samuel Christ (Executive Creative Direction) ; Peter Brönnimann, Marco Zimmerli (Creative Direction) ; Jan Kempter, Heinz Helle, Samuel Wicki (Text); Florian Molinari, Annina Walker (Art Direction) ; Nathalie Brogli (Graphics); 
Sabrina Arthur, Meret Lauener, Marie-Helene Thornton, Kathrin Gautschi, Jacqueline Willimann, Julia Grass (Consulting); Barbara Haueter, Julia Fischhaber (Public Relations); Sarida Bossoni (Art Buying); Sam Sherbini (UX Consultant); Ralf Brändli (Technology Manager). External partners: Daniel Crespo, Verena Wieder, Peter Schachtler (Media Agency OMD) Stories (Film Production) ; Jon Barber (Director); Jan Mettler (Cinematography); Jingle Jungle (Sound Design); Divio (Programming).

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