Roli Hofer: "Renaissance" campaign

Roli Hofer created the campaign for the opening exhibition "Europe in the Renaissance" in the new National Museum.


The Renaissance represents some of the most significant upheavals in history: from the invention of printing to the discovery of America. The era was characterized by cultural exchange and revolutionary innovations that paved the way for modernity. The Landesmuseum Zurich is dedicating the special exhibition "Europe in the Renaissance. Metamorphoses 1400 - 1600".


The key visual manifests the zeitgeist of the Renaissance; this style-defining synthesis of new and rediscovery, recollection and vision. Like the exhibition itself, the campaign provides a glimpse through the keyhole of world history. The multifaceted show with over 300 objects from all over Europe and the USA can be seen in the new extension of the National Museum until November 27.

Means of communication:

Film: TV spot/cinema/online
Posters F4, F200, Megaposters, Tramposters
Ads Daily Press and Special Interest
Printed matter flyers, invitation cards
Digital Website, E-Boards, E-Letter, Banner

Responsible at the Landesmuseum Zurich: Andreas Spillmann (Overall Management), Marco Castellaneta (Managing Director Museum Operations), Peter Krebs (Head of Marketing), Carole Neuenschwander (Project Management Marketing). Creative Direction & Artwork: Roli Hofer / POP Creative Services; Motion Design: Florian Heger, Mix/Music: UKO - The Audio Suite.

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